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How to Sign In

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Where do I Sign In?
Click the "Sign In" link at the very top right hand side of this page.
Please note: If your name appears here, then you are already Signed In. 

Why Sign In?
When you Sign In to the Fred Help Centre you unlock forums, knowledgebases, wholesaler groups (where you can access promotion files), as well as the ability to comment on Media items. Joining is open to all Fred Customers and is completely free!  Please note you do not need to be signed in to access Media items (tutorials, documents, webinar recordings) or news Blogs.


I'm new to the Fred Help Centre, How do I join?
Click "Join"  in the top right hand corner of screen to request access to the Fred Help Centre (as shown below).

Note: Only Fred Customers have access to the Fred Help Centre so you may be asked to confirm who you are prior to approval.  Please note, this approval confirmation is done via the email address provided; so please make sure you check your email inbox incase this is required.


Join a Fred Help Centre Wholesaler Group
Please click here to view the Join a Group tutorial


Password Help

I have lost my password.  How do I reset my password?
Click here to reset your password
Please note: Fred cannot give you your password (as we do not store this information). If you have lost your password you will need to use the lost password link above.

I don't know what my user name is. How do I get my user name?
Commonly your user name is your Store email address. Try this first.  Alternatively Contact Fred Help and we will give you your user name.

I reset my password over 24hours ago, but still haven't received an email with the new link.  What should I do?
The email has most likely gone to your "junk" email folder.  Please check this folder for the email.
Please note: It is recommended you update this setting to prevent further communication ending up in your Junk mail folder.  Click here for assistance: Stop emails from Fred going to your Junk email

I know my user name and password, but I want to change my password?

  • Sign In to the Fred Help Centre (link is at the very top right of this page).
  • Click "Edit" from your homepage.
  • Click the "Sign-In Information" tab and choose "Change Password". 


Set up an Avatar

Click here for more information on How to set up an Avatar

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