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  • Fred Dispense Configuration

    [[Fred Dispense System Requirements]] [[How to change supplier PDEs]] [[Flagging patients for generic only dispensing]] How to hide a drug [[How to add an Own Brand Drug]] [[How to print owing notices automatically]] [[How to change to blank dispensing labels]] [[How to change the dispense label format]] [[Fred Transfer to POS Specification v2.1]] [[How to rank drugs for better drug selection]] [[Using Drug Notes]] [[How to configure Fred Dispense to send emails]] [[Docket.dat - Patient Docket Printing
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  • Starting Fred Dispense

    SUMMARY This article outlines how to start the Fred Dispense Program DETAILS There are two methods that can be used to start the Fred Dispense Program. Double click on the Fred Dispense icon found on the Windows Desktop. 2. Click on the Windows Start Menu > Choose Programs > Fred > Fred Dispense > Fred Dispense
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  • Script Reports

    [[Script Analysis Report]] [[Daily Totals Breakdown Report]] [[Log of Scripts Report]] [[Owing Scripts Report]] [[Narcotic Scripts Report]] [[Dispense Incentive Analysis Report]] [[S3 Recordables Report]] [[Certification Report]] [[Workload Statistics Report]] [[Scan Statistics Report]]
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  • The Dispense Menu

    DISPENSE MENU This lists the various shortcuts and actions that can be used at any stage during the dispense process [[Patient History]] All Patient History [[Alternate History]] [[Repeats Remaining]] [[All Repeats Remaining]] [[Patient Profile]] [[Owing Scripts]] [[Drug Interactions]] [[Patient Update]] [[Entitlement Update]] [[Extra Information]] [[Modify Safety Net]] Update Patient Notes [[Edit Script]] [[Repeat Script]] [[Change Owing Status]] [[Change GST Status]] [[Webster Label]] [[Clear Screen
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  • The Activities Menu

    THE ACTIVITIES MENU Family Linking [[Pack Labels]] [[Drug Pricing]] [[Pharmpay Claim]] History Merge Debtors System Delivery Label Mailing Labels History Notes [[Quick Script Scan]] [[Drug Information]] POS Link Tran Report Stock Valuation Clear ALL Outside SN End of Year Process MedsIndex Generation ScriptMAP Generation
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  • The Lists Menu

    THE LISTS MENU [[Pharmacists]] Doctors Nursing Homes/Hospitals Sig Details Own Brand Drugs Suburbs & Postcodes [[Hospital Assoc]] Drugs Associated Drugs Multi Drug Int [[Drug Forms]] Drug Warnings [[Drug Manufacturers]] Drug Interactions Interaction Groups [[PDL Drug Warnings]] [[Drug Updates]] [[Drug NHS Updates]]
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  • The Setup Menu

    Work in progress NHS Fees Private Fees Safety Net Limits Wastage Table Owner Details Dispense Options System Configuration [[Control Information]] [[Report Configuration]] Arrow Drugs/Pricing HBF Drug Pricing Data File Creation [[Fred Dispense Messenger Configuration]] [[Check PBS Online Status]] [[Control Panel]] E-Mail Configuration
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  • The Help Menu

    THE HELP MENU View Newsletter View Software Licence PBS Schedule Web Page Therapeutic Premium Web Link Brand Price Premium Web Link Special Patient Contribution Web Link Print Online Claiming for PBS Pharmacy Participation Agreement Fred Shop Ordering Web Page Open Fred Help Centre Submit Feedback About Fred Dispense
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  • How to print owing notices automatically

    Summary When you dispense an owing prescription you may require an owing notice to give to the patient or the doctor. This notice is a reminder that a prescription is required for the dispensing. Some pharmacists may choose to print off an owing notice by pressing the O<w>ing notice button at the wait screen. Other pharmacists may prefer for the Owing notice to print out automatically every time To view the entire article 'How to print owing notices automatically' click here For information
    Posted to (Wiki) by Karen.Stancliffe on 10-16-2008
  • How to rank drugs for better drug selection

    Summary Ranking a drug will change the order of appearance in the drug selection screen. By default all drugs have a drug ranking of 5. (This is found in Lists > Drugs > the Drug Ranking field is found towards the bottom right hand side of the screen) Anything with a drug ranking lower than 5 will appear in red and at the top of the drug selection screen during dispensing. To view the entire article 'How to rank drugs for better drug selection' click here
    Posted to (Wiki) by Karen.Stancliffe on 10-07-2008
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